"All The Knowledge Of The Universe"

I've been trying to figure out the best way to assemble all the research/information/advice/etc. I collect(ed) during my various "tangents" over the years, and making a single page to index everything (still working on the index part, might need to learn some HTML) seems like a reasonable start... I'm not sure how this will all work out, since I'll be putting this all together on the fly, but it will hopefully help me organize everything and benefit everyone else in the process!

Something to ponder, if you find time: The Gentle Seduction

  • Health/Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Science/Evolution/Primal
  • Style/Grooming
  • Relationships
  • DIY/Creativity


    1. Post Workout Nutrition: Self Experimentation
    2. Superstarch: Optimal Intra-exercise Nutrition
    3. Interesting Article on Supplementation. A lot of good info, but I don't agree fully with the amino acid section: Sports Supplement Guide for Beginners
    4. Interesting "Superfood" Recommendations: 10 Uncommon Superfoods
    1. Brain Workout #1 - Brain n-Back (app store) or on your computer (download)
    2. Brain Workout #2 - Mutiple Games
    3. Interesting FAQs for Dual n-Back and Everything Else - Really good read
    4. Nootropic Newbie Guide - Ten Months of Research Condensed
    5. Nootropic Stack (med student approach) - Interesting Thread
    6. Nootropic Experiment - First Hand Experience
    7. Nootropics - A Guide






    1. Start Here: VW Vortex Forums
    2. Changing the Oil: Original Link, Archive
    3. Maintenance: ECS Tuning
  • Galaxy SIII:
    1. Start Here:
    2. Picking a ROM:

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