Friday, June 13, 2014

Experivida: The next chapter in my Journey...

My journey so far has taken me from discovering the Best Local Organic Produce to experimenting with deliciously effervescent Kombucha, from the forgotten/ health benefits of Raw Milk to my extensive testing of Pre/Post Workout Nutritional Cocktails... it's been a great ride, and I'd like to continue this journey without the restrictions of Primal or Paleo; they were good starting points but I've found lately that my interests go far beyond this limited construct. Question everything.

So, without further ado I bring you! Going forward this will be my new hangout; a place to post about things I've read, projects I'm working on and experiments I've done. Check it out, I'll hopefully be posting more frequently than I've been doing here! Ha. Plus, I've joined forces with the creative genius and eco-visionary Shaina Deciryan to help bring even more content to light! Real Life Experiments. Real Life Experience.