Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Few Good Videos Everyone Should Watch...

The first video is actually a presentation by Sally Fallon for Wise Traditions back in 2008, but it's one of the best overall presentations on nutrition I have ever watched from a historical perspective. Very compelling research with important studies on "primitive" tribes that were much healthier than we are today (amazingly), even without our advances in technology. Weston A. Price did most of the research for this presentation (in the 1920s!)  and it provides a very compelling case for a more "primal" diet.

Traditional Diets:

*Admittedly this is a pretty long presentation and may even be a bit dry at times, but it basically condenses all 527 pages of Weston A. Price's, "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" into a little over an hour... worth it...

The second video takes an interesting approach to health and wellness... health on the cellular level is analogous to overall personal health, and more specifically, the health of you mitochondria are particularly important! Terry Wahls was able to put her Multiple Sclerosis into remission with simple nutritional and environmental changes in her life. Watch her amazing TED Talk for the details.

Mitochondrial Health = Overall Metric for Health

The third video is a compilation of different philosophies on life, lifting, nutrition and health. I like Drew Baye's perspective on life, and in this video he gives it to you straight. It's real, it makes you think, it might even change your life.

Ultimate "Strength" - Drew Baye on Life

The final video is a documentary called Fat Head. I don't agree with the diet he eats (he even admits it's not the best), but the point he's trying to make about fat is valid and his rebuttal to Super Size Me is enlightening (again, I don't agree with everything, but Spurlock was clearly deceiving viewers with his documentary... I mean, 5,000 calories per day... and he got fat, really?). Fat does not make you fat is the main point, and I think this documentary shows and explains this concept pretty well:

Documentary - The Truth about Fat:
FYI - Netflix has this on instant view


  1. Hey Josh, I started reading your blog not too long ago, and I decided to start at the beginning. These two links are pretty interesting, and I found them at the perfect time. I've been using My Fitness Pal just to keep track of things and make sure I'm eating enough for my martial arts work outs, and a lot of things have been bugging me about what its based on and how different requirements are determined. I've been linking everybody to this post because it has just blown my mind.

    1. Awesome, I'm glad they helped out! Both these videos do a good job explaining the key concepts, especially the first one... it was eye opening when I came across it to, you should check out some of the books I reviewed. You would really like Deep Nutrition!

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